A project this large requires help in many different areas. Reaching Bonneville on time will create logistic, labor, time and material challenges from start to finish. We can not overcome any of these challenges without the help of our friends, Business and personnel friends.
Our sponsors over the years have witnessed the victory's and let downs that Racing creates. Many of you are new to this sport or haven't been part of a race team, this sport has no guarantees. We will offer one.
We guarantee-
Whether your standing in the salt with us, or furnished us with the tools to get there
    "You will never forget this Bonneville adventure for the rest of your life"
          Joe Steinbach
                    Deerfield, Wi.
Bobs's Backhoe Service
     Trenching and Excavation
            Danville California
Below pictures:
When this project began we were simply going to take or Modified to Bonneville and go as fast as we could.
As our ambitions (speed) changed so did the rules at Bonneville. The pictures below show some of our changes.
After removing the new chassis from our Jig, we began preping it for paint.
Some of our New body work and components are show here. We added opening doors with windows, side windows in the roof, and spill plates (alum) for straight line stability. Visible behind the rear wheel openings are the diffusers, also added for straight line stability.
Before cutting it up, It was a race winning car. Crazy!
Our new chassis incorporates a full belly pan for structural strength, low center of gravity and aerodynamics.
Our friends live video from Bonneville