Our Modified as it was raced on the fastest ovals in the Midwest.

Other events  at Bonneville in 2010:
October 6-9, World Finals

(608) 575-4481
- Started here.
- Wide open throttle for 3 miles.
- Waited for your crew to arrive and we celebrated..we had made it to Bonneville!!!
It is time to make final plans for the our second trip to Bonnville.
We have a couple new pit crew guys Tom Steinbach and Henry
Debour, two young and talented guys.
My wondefull wife had a heart attach a few months ago. It was scary. Cindi is recovering and expected to have no long term affects...yes I'm happy ...she is in better shape, and in great spirits...
We are a bit behind on our fundraising this year as can be expected with my focus and the economy being different than last year.
Our crew are working hard, we have the tools and parts, when our motor and transmission program is solved, we will be ready to go.
More update to follow.
See you at the party June 26th!!
(see party link)

We finally made it to the Bonneville Salt Flats.
We landed at Bonneville knowing we had lots to learn, that was accurate, we had lots to learn.

Two of our pit men were unable to make the trip, Bob Hoisington, and Denny Mandt. I must mention them; we would not have made it without their help...Thanks!  Joe Steinbach and Doug Buyatt worked endlessly from sun up to sun down, what tough guys!
The organizers (SCTA) after 60 years of racing at Bonneville have a terrific program for rookies, tech inspection and the ability to handle hundreds of cars, motorcycles, and thousands of people. Two thumbs up!!

We set out with a clear goal, “To become the fastest IMCA Type modified on the planet. We did not achieve our goal. We passed our Rookie test (max. 150MPH), and were excited about the possibilities of a 175 MPH record run. Our race car was “Rock Solid” during our earlier run, we had no wheel spin, the car drove straight as an arrow, temperatures and pressures were perfect, all were positive indicators for our next run.  On our record attempt we were nearing the 150mph range when the motor began to miss fire slowing dramatically and smoking, we pulled the parachute and headed for the emergency road.
The motor is terminal, our week was over.
The upside to our first trip, we have much to look forward too, a great handling race car thanks to Summner Paterson, a more experienced crew and driver, the strongest group of sponsors I’ve ever had,.... and... a record just waiting for us to go get it!
We will add more photos and our newest sponsor information shortly.

Keep in touch.
Roy Aitchison

Completion of Rookie licensing run.
            151.1 MPH  (150 MPH max.)
Doug Buyatt, Roy Aitchison (driver)  and Joe "STONE Cold" Steinbach.
Our push truck lines up for our 175 MPH attempt. The push truck is used to gets us up to speed (approx. 30-40mph) then I pop the clutch and take off. Doug and Joe follow  on a side road for the entire run, then towing us to our pit.
We took a moment to celebrate our Bonneville run, I am proud and fortunate to have been surrounded by wonderful family, friends, and sponsors. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Towing our car back to the pits after our motor failure.
It was pleasant to hear all the complements from fans and officials alike. It is a testament to the hard work of our crew, and resources provided by our sponsors.