Roy Aitchison
(608) 575-4481

Cottage Grove,
Wisconsin USA
Miles upon miles of cars
Early morning photo
Towing to our pit area
Lining up for our first run
Lining up for our start
Alot of fun from here out!
A sad trip to our pit area with a blown motor, 3 miles of solitude to think about this loss.
Our trailer, pick-up and our PacLease Kenworth Tractor. What a great tractor!
PacLease Tractor saves our trip!
          ph (608) 241-5616
Sunrise, work begins
Roy waits as inspection is completed.
Lining up for inspection
Lining up for inspection
Joe waits as inspection is completed.
unpacking and set-up
unpacking and set-up
many, many nice things to look at